CadTech Dental brings ultra high products and latest equipments on the market to fit your needs and desires, no matter the complexity of your case or problem.

-Our products belongs to the CAD-CAM technology and the prgrams we use are signed by Exocad & Sum 3D.

- Our scaner is made by Medit Identica.This tool allows us to get very fast and improved scanning ,and it's able to export the scanned data in the open STL format that works with virtually any CAD software.It allways guarantees reliable scan results with the minimum scanning time.

- Sintering furnance - Tabeo (Mihm Vogt)

- Milling Machines -Roland DWX 51D si DWX 50- As the producer confirms , this machine is built for precision , error-free milling.Given its automated milling features it provides high quality bridges,crowns,inlays,onlays,abutments and other restorations out of 98 mm disks and blocks.


Roland DWX 51 D

- 5 axis simultaneous operations for non stop precision milling

- 10 station automathic tool changer for continuous milling

- powerfull vaccum and anti-static ionizer for clean calibration and dust reduction

Roland DWX 50

- It provides a 5-axis simultaneous machining, milling on X,Y, Z axes and rotating the blocks and discs of material 360 degrees in both clockwise and counterclockwise movements. This also allows for materials to be tilted forward and backward 20 degrees to support complex cuts.

To have a complete solution you need more than just a machine, scanner or CAD.

You have to combine these with all the little things that will end up making a finished coping or crown.

So we choose to work only with the best Zirconia plates ,like Nacera (Doceram/ Germania) & Noritake Katana (Kuraray/Japonia), Vita Enamic(ceramic millable blocks), ceramics Noritake CZR, IPS IN-Line (In-line ceramics and stains),and also GC initial ceramics, according to the case aesthetic and individualization needs.

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