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Groundbreaking procedures and technologies. Along with our professionalism these are the tools we use to bring you superb dental restorations.


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19 Buzesti Street
Bucharest, Romania 011011

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Our Specialization:

Smile & Travel

Smile & Travel

 Dental Laboratory

Dental Laboratory

- Zirconia structures (crowns,bridges,etc)
Milled ceramics (Vita Enamic)
- Ceramics fused to Zirconia
- Pmma
Stomatology Clinic

Stomatology Clinic

- Cosmetic dentistry
- Dental Implants
- Prosthodontics
- Endodontics (Root canal treatments)
- Orthodontics
- Pedodontics

Driven By Technology , We Create Art !

We , at CadTech Dental Laboratory use our knowledge, talent and professionalism to fabricate exceptional dental restorations that meet each patient's aesthetic expectations and functional needs..

As Zirconia Specialists,
we have a solution for any case, no mater the complexity..

Our extensive training and experience means you have our expertise working for you taking the guesswork out of difficult cases. That's why we always welcome your questions and are happy to provide qualified technical assistance. We use the best materials to achieve the patient's goals.All of our work is done, from start-to-finish, in our Bucharest Dental Lab where we make sure we exceed the highest standards. At CadTech Dental, we're committed to turning your smile's story into a real succes!

Our Core Values :
  • Product Excellence - We combine state-of-the-art equipment with precision workmanship to produce an outstanding quality product.
  • Responsiveness - Our commitment is to be there for our clients and go the extra mile to provide unmatched service.
  • Integrity - We stand on honesty and open communication in dealing with our clients.
  • Consultative - We educate our clients with case planning and pledge to be a source of information and expertise to assist them in completing their job.

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